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Responsive Website Design.  It's our thing.
We realize that choosing a website design that fits your business can be confusing and time consuming. Finding a good web design company that also offers full website design & development, publishing and hosting is sometimes just as difficult.  That's why we offer a full suite of design, development, publishing & hosting options to area businesses and web professionals.  We are Charleston's true one-stop-shop for all of your web-based-branding, digital marketing and media production needs.
Crown Media Studio is a full web and media development company , meaning we can complete your project from start to finish without outsourcing any of the work.  All of our media production and website projects are completed in our Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina office.

When we develop a website for a business, we strive to make the website unique for that business. Our goal is to make each website interesting, functional, and easy to navigate. We custom design every website to fit the needs and personality of that business. Since we are located in South Carolina, you will always speak to an American.  All of our web developers, designers, and media production talent are located right here in Charleston, and face-to-face consultation is always available in South Carolina.

Video Production and Animation
We take your ideas and brand story and 
turn them into beautifully produced video assets
We make beautiful videos. But we also know how to promote them. Get them in front of your customers. And ultimately, use them to facilitate what matters most—your goals, be they brand awareness, lead generation, or revenue.

It’s not enough to simply make a video—it has to convert. Move the needle and integrate into your overall marketing plan. As a strategic video partner, we’re your executor and guide throughout the entire process, from initial concept development and strategy, to video production, editing, and animation.

Taking something complex and explaining it simply and in an entertaining way takes a lot of experience, creativity and know how. Often times making top-shelf videos will require animations, story-boarding, graphics, effects, a voice over announcer, royalty free music, scripting, directing, and a lot of research and finesse to get it just right!
  • Concept Development
  • Video Production
  • Script Writing
  • Video Editing
  • Motion Graphics and Animation
  • Promotional Video Campaigns
  • Video Strategy
  • Reporting and Analytics
By expectations 30 Nov, 2017

There are few organizations in the world that can claim more expertise when it comes to storytelling than Pixar. The Disney-owned animation studio is known for its ability to consistently create world-class movies with gripping narrative alongside stunning visuals. Now, Pixar is helping others learn the secrets of great storytelling  – for free, in partnership with online education provider Khan Academy.

The two have teamed up to create “Pixar In A Box,” and in this third instalment of the series, lessons are sourced from Pixar directors and story artists including Inside Out  and Up director Pete Docter, Brave  director Mark Andrews, Inside Out  story artist Domee Shi, and Ratatouille  animator Sanjay Patel.

By expectations 22 Sep, 2017


Buffer is a smarter way to post your content to social media. It's like the Swiss Army Knife of social media tools and can really help with streamlining your social media syndication efforts.

Buffer lets you connect all of your social media profiles into one central hub. From there you can schedule content to all of your social media assets with just a few clicks. What sets Buffer apart is its post analytics, which helps you dish out content to your audience at just the right time.

Using Buffer to streamline your social media publishing saves time and eliminates any headaches from juggling multiple social media profiles. This gives you more time to focus on creating quality content, and less time scheduling it.


Almighty.Press  is a content-discovery tool that goes well beyond measuring basic engagement metrics such as likes, tweets and share counts. The intuitive platform connects you with a real-time filterable news feed of trending content from around the globe.

The virality of the content is measured using its Almighty Force algorithm . This allows brands to track trending content before it becomes saturated. The end result is viral content topics that arrive ahead of your competitors'.

Using Almighty.Press to identify, track, and publish trending topics before they are saturated will give your content the edge to conquer engagement algorithms employed by many social networks.


SumoMe  offers an array of solutions to help grow your audience and improve the reach of your content. Most notably, SumoMe provides a list-building tool with an exit intent feature which tracks a user's mouse movement to identify when that user intends to leave your website. This can be used to trigger a pop-up message with related posts, an email opt-in form or a custom special offer.

Brands can improve conversion rates on any page with full-screen calls to action that slide down from the top of the view port after the page content has loaded, encourage email opt-ins and promote the brands' most recent blog post or product.

Additionally, SumoMe provides responsive share-button solutions that complement your website. Handy analytics and A/B testing for your share-button placements are baked into the app. These features work to maximize your on-page social engagement.

Using SumoMe tools can help increase the frequency with which your content gets shared across social media platforms. Having more shares and more email opt-ins is always a good thing.

Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach makes finding influencers  easy. Simply enter a keyword to discover thousands of business leads, social media influencers and niche bloggers. Ninja Outreach provides data and contact details for over 25 million contacts.

Ninja Outreach  also provides a platform to find, contact and manage influencers. With this data, brands can select a pool of influencers and create outreach email templates directly from their dashboards. This makes it easy to find leaders in any niche. From there it is easy to track email opens, clicks and replies.

Using Ninja Outreach to find influencers will save you a significant amount of time and establish connections with people who can significantly increase your content's reach.


Email is an effective way to build customer relationships. SendGrid 's platform allows for integration with almost any website, giving you the power to reach all your subscribers. SendGrid makes it easy to create email funnels that can be A/B tested right down to the last detail, allowing you insights into what is working and what isn't.

Use SendGrid in conjunction with SumoMe to create winning email capture forms that are complemented by well-timed emails for maximum engagement with your audience.

Taking time to set up and test your email campaigns can yield fantastic results for almost any content marketing effort. Once set up, SendGrid will streamline your email outreach , allowing you time to focus on other aspects of your business.


Pushwoosh  is a handy service for sending notifications to desktop computers, mobile devices and applications.

Any content marketer worth his/her salt will know the pain of ever-increasing punitive action from Facebook’s News Feed algorithm. In today’s fast-moving climate, it's wise to not have all your eggs in a single basket.

Finding new and reliable ways to reach your audience is one of the most important parts of a content marketer's role. Pushwoosh provides an intuitive desktop and in-app notification system that reaches 100 percent of your subscribers by notifying them directly via their phone or web browser.

Need to address only Spanish-speaking users who made a purchase last year? Customers who recently spent more than $1,000? Easy as breathing! Use tags and filters along with other segmentation features to tailor a personal push message that will find its user in the right place, at the right time.

You can link your sites' RSS feed directly to Pushwoosh , and they will automatically send out notifications to your subscribers when you publish new content. Pushwoosh can also be connected to Almighty.Press, giving you the ability to find fresh, relevant content and syndicate it with your audience.

Final thoughts

What's even better about all of these tools? They can be used in combination to increase your brand engagement.

You can identify content with viral potential using Almighty.Press, then automatically queue the content for social media syndication using Buffer. Once users visit your site, you can use SumoMe to increase the chances of a social share or email opt-in.

In addition, use SendGrid and Pushwoosh to keep your audience updated with the latest content. Ninja Outreach can find you those ever-important influencers to help get your content in front of the people that matter most to your business.

Use just some of these tools and your content-marketing efforts are almost certain to produce better results than they did last time out. Better yet, why not use them all in one turbocharged work flow?

By expectations 08 Sep, 2017

Video is the new king! It’s something we at Crown Media Studio have been saying for some time – and the reality is that your content marketing will need to embrace video wholeheartedly if you’re going to keep pace with the competition in 2017 .

It’s estimated that over half of all internet video traffic will be content delivery traffic by 2019 . Video is the new channel of choice, with consumers and business buyers preferring the immediacy, the visual impact and simplicity of watching video content. They want real personalities, delivering helpful, practical advice – advice that helps them solve their issues and attain their life goals. And, increasingly, the millennial generation can sniff out ‘old-school marketing’ in an instant – and will avoid it like the plague, as a result – making the need for a new marketing approach even more imperative as your client base becomes younger and more digital-savvy .

Video as the dominant and fastest channel

Video is fast becoming the dominant viewing platform for the 21st century . And that’s not just down to video being used as a pure content medium. Video is a channel where you easily document the life of your business, share what’s happening in your niche sectors and get your own professional opinions on topical business issues out there in the real world.

75% of executives watch at least one work-related video every week , according to research by Hubspot. So there’s a huge potential audience out there for your videos. Business owners and decision-makers want information fast, with advice that helps them understand and resolve their financial, business and strategic issues.

If you can develop yourself as video-based thought leader in your chosen niches, it will have a huge impact on the brand profile of the firm as a whole.

So if you’ve never considered video as a channel for your content marketing, 2017 is definitely the time to reassess the benefits of visual marketing, and to take some proactive steps to get you and your firm in the spotlight… it’s time for lights, cameras and ACTION!

Combining video and social media for maximum impact

As internet speeds and mobile usage has soared, so has consumption of video content on social media. Facebook , for example, has an average of 8 billion video views every day . That’s a staggering number of views and this increase in video views is mirrored across the other main social sites, such as Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat etc.

Using social networks effectively is a brilliant way to expand the reach of your video content and connect with a far wider audience through retweets, reshares and organic search. Studies have shown that using video content on Facebook will double your organic reach , making video not just a brand exercise, but a very real way to increase your online presence and potential leads .

YouTube is another channel to work into your video strategy. You may think of it as just a video-sharing site, but in fact. it’s the second most popular search engine in the world, after Google. It’s the go-to destination when you need a visual explanation to a pressing problem.

People love the ‘explainer video’ that gives them the step-by-step guide they need for everything from learning the guitar to fitting their new baby’s car seat – and that’s just as relevant to B2B advice and content too. When business owners go looking for an expert, they’re likely to search your YouTube channel just as closely as your blog, your LinkedIn profile or your website services pages.

Vlogging and getting more personal

Vlogging (recording a video blog and sharing it with your followers) has become an incredibly popular way to share your opinions, ideas and advice with your chosen audience. It’s a highly effective way to present a more personal, more human face to clients and prospects – and as we’ve said before, getting real with your clients is a game-changer when it comes to building valued working relationships.

Rather than writing a thought leadership blog, or writing yet another PDF guide to small business accounting, why not sit down and record a piece to camera? It does require a certain amount of presentation skill (not to mention some confidence in your chosen topic), but it’s a fast, efficient way to capture your thoughts and get a conversation going.

Some key things to consider when vlogging include:

  • Vlogs are about being spontaneous – the key thing about vlogging to record your thoughts and ideas quickly. Vlogs are short (3 minutes or less) and get published fast.
  • They can be rough and ready, or polished – your vlog can be an instant stream-of-consciousness piece (recording your thoughts straight to your smartphone), or it can be something more professionally recorded (using a high-definition digital SLR camera and editing the final content). The choice is yours.
  • You need to say something interesting – share some opinions, give some practical advice or tell your audience something that will get them thinking.
  • Vlogs are not about high production values – you’re not making a big budget video: this is about shooting something rough and ready with your smartphone.
  • Be open and BE REAL! – what people want to see is the real you, so be genuine and show your personality.

Gavin Bell is a Facebook Ad expert who works with some of our clients.  He’s recently started a vlog series which is a great example of where to start, and the progress you can make as you get more comfortable with video. Take a look at Gavin’s first vlog for some inspiration.

We also have a list of video equipment which will help you get started.

Work video into your content strategy

As with all content marketing, your results and return-on-investment from video content will be far greater when you work it into a proper long-term content plan.

Incorporate video into your annual content plan alongside written blogs, regular social media posts and ongoing updates to your web content. Mix it up with rough-and-ready vlogs, live Facebook videos of events you run and high-production value video content to introduce you and the team on your website.

With this broad content palette, you’ll keep engagement high, SEO looking good and will give your video content the reach it needs to have a real and meaningful impact over time.

By expectations 25 Jul, 2017

For most of us, selling a used car generally involves placing an advert on a popular website or in the classifieds section of a local newspaper. But when it came to selling his old SUV, Eugene Romanovsky decided to take things to a whole new level by creating the most spectacular advertisement for his 1996 Suzuki Vitara.

Employing his skills as a visual effects artist, the Israel-based Latvian made an epic 2-minute video showcasing everything that his trusty car can (and cannot) do. From driving underwater to visiting outer space and even cruising alongside dinosaurs and featuring in Mad Mad: Fury Road, it’s really not surprising to learn that his video has been viewed over 2 million times since he recently uploaded it to YouTube. See for yourself below. Don’t forget the popcorn!

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